Where Every Story Plants a Seed of Courage

Our children’s books, created for ages 0-7,  are dedicated to helping the next generation make healthy life decisions with a specific focus on drug prevention. 

The Impact of Early Education

Educate Before 8

Focusing on drug prevention before the age of 7 lays the foundation for a healthy and drug free future by targeting critical developmental stages, building resilience, preventing risk factors, and promoting positive relationships and parental influence. Our books help wire young brains to stay away from drugs as they age. As more and more parents and educators become aware of how important this is we can make a positive difference in the lives of so many innocent children.

Parents should be aware of the risk factors associated with youth drug use, including genetic predisposition, family history of substance abuse, peer influence, mental health disorders, trauma, and environmental stressors. Understanding these risk factors can help parents recognize signs of vulnerability to their children and take preventative measures to stop drug use before it begins.

Our Mission: A Drug Free Future

Planting Seeds Books offers not only stories, but lifelines—tools for parents to help steer their children towards making informed choices from a young age. Our aim is to write books where every child can see themselves reflected in stories that not only entertain but also educate and protect.

Join us in nurturing a drug-free future cultivated with kindness, one story at a time.

More Than 'Saying No'

We want to bring awareness to drug prevention programs for teens that, frankly, didn’t work due to a fearmongering and overbearing approach. We hope our books take a different tone.

We envision a world where conversations about difficult topics like drug prevention are open, informed, and positive, leading to a generation of children equipped to make wise decisions.

How You Can Get Involved

Grow Awareness, Cultivate Kindness

If you’d like to get involved in our work, please contact us. If you’d like to donate to our work, which directly funds the publishing of new books, please use the link below. 

Kind Words from Parents and Readers

“In parenting or child-rearing contexts, there is a catchy phrase “You can’t start them too young.” It implies that instilling positive habits or behaviors early on is crucial. It is an affirmation that there is no such thing as starting too early in acquiring knowledge and developing essential skills. It encourages proactive and timely actions to set a strong foundation for the future. Using simple, straightforward language and delightful illustrations, Elle Constantine supports these concepts by exposing to the very young the dangers of drug use, the skill to say “no”, and the positive feedback of “We are proud of you.” ---a powerful statement of support and confidence if ever there was one. This last personal touch expresses love, respect, and a deep emotional connection. It’s a way of letting a child know their actions have made a difference. Faith in these affirmations is commendable and can be found in the early childhood books of Elle Constantine”
- Mary Robb
"Thanks to my mother’s wisdom and guidance, she taught me the dangers of drugs, at a young age, that helped me and my siblings navigate through high school and college without falling prey to the peer pressure of drugs. Her teachings have instilled in us the strength and clarity to make healthy choices in life. I honor her lessons and admire her passion to help other children say no to drugs. "
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